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I have financed an order with Payin7 , what do I have to do now?

Now we must wait for the confirmation of the payment by the financial company after validate your data (normally 24/48 working hours)

Although you have been charged the first installment, this does not mean that the financing is definitively accepted.
Once we receive the payment from financial, we will begin to manage your order.
During this time, it is possible that the financial company will contact you.

For more information, please see our Payment methods by clicking here

I have financed a purchase with Payin7 but the order does not appear in My Orders

In this case we must wait for the order confirmation by the financial company (normally 24/48 working hours)

Sometimes, your order may not be generated in our system if the financing was not completed correctly or some kind of error occurred during the process.
Although they have charged the first fee, they have to confirm that the order is correct and validate the information.
Then they will indicate the details of your order to create it manually and we will begin to manage it.
During this time, it is possible that the financial company will contact you.

For more information, please see our Payment methods by clicking here

They have rejected the financing with Payin7 but they had already charged me the first installment

If the financial company rejected your request, then they will pay you any fee they have charged you.

If you do not receive this payment in the next few days, you must contact the financial company directly.
By phone at 911649994, email info@payin7.com or by clicking here

Remember that we do not receive, control or manage this type of payment.

Can I place an order financing only part of it with Payin7 ?


In this case you must contact us previously and we will indicate the instructions to do so.

The installment payment option with Payin7 does not appear when placing my order

If, when ordering, the installment payment option does not appear among the payment methods, it can be due to several reasons:

1. That your order does not reach the minimum amount of € 50 to finance, or if it exceeds the maximum of € 1,500
2. If you have tried to finance previously and you were denied the operation, or you did not complete the process.
3. If temporarily there is a connection failure to the financial server, in this case you would have to try again later.

How can I finance an order with Payin7 ?

When placing your order, you can select this form of payment and then you must follow the instructions on the screen until the process is complete.

To see step by step how to finance with Payin7, please click here.

How much does it cost to finance an order with Payin7 ?

The commission and monthly fee depends on the total amount of the order and the number of months selected.

The cost of this service is variable according to the rates of the amount financed up to € 1,500, the number of installments can be from 2 to 12 months.

From € 50 to € 188: € 3 per month.
From € 189 to € 338: € 5 per month.
From € 339 to € 488: € 6 per month.
From € 489 to € 588: € 7-8 per month.
From € 589 to € 688: € 8-9 per month.
From € 689 to € 788: € 9-10 per month.
From € 789 to € 888: € 10-13 a month.
From € 889 to € 988: € 12-15 per month.
From € 989 to € 1,188: € 14-17 per month.
From € 1,189 to € 1,388: € 16-19 per month.
From € 1,389 to € 1,500: € 18-21 per month.

In addition, on the page of each product a quota calculator is registered for the value of that product, also when ordering you can verify the fee to pay before confirming the purchase.

What requirements must I meet to be able to finance an order with Payin7 ?

· Minimum age of 21 years

· DNI / NIF / Passport

· Debit or credit card

· Approval of the operation by the risk department of the financial institution (Payin7)

What is the lead time to finance an order with Payin7 ?

The period for confirming the operation by the finance company is 24/48 working hours.

At this time, they may contact you.